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Actor/Writer living in Hollywood. Recently recurred as Inspector Spacetime on NBC's "Community" and Creepy Harold on "Pretty Little Liars".


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Saw the Disney poster and I had to whip this up…

Look how beautiful this guy is that I saw on my walk with Dot this morning!!  Can’t believe how close he let me get!!

So, yeah.  I’m an action figure.  Again. ;-)

From Twitter:

Is it crazy that I want to break my arm just so I can get this awesome cast?!?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Chris, any chance you'll be at the Niagara Falls Comic Con? I'm a huge fan of your art! I could buy your art on etsy I guess but it'd be cool to meet you. And also, uh, I don't see the Spitfire Exchange piece on your etsy HEH.
sivartis sivartis Said:


I don’t currently have plans to attend that one. Between you and me, tumblr anon, I wish I could attend every convention everywhere. Conventions are so fun and I LOVE seeing all the cool stuff & meeting fans!

But I am only one man and, believe it or not, I actually spend 50-60 hours per week drawing in order to meet deadlines. Shifting around my schedule to make time for conventions is no small feat. But conventions are important to me so I make it happen and I actually attend 10-12 cons per year

If I may speak for the majority of comics professionals for a moment: It makes it MUCH easier for us to attend conventions when the convention invites us as a guest - and ESPECIALLY when the convention helps cover our travel costs. I’m sure you know that traveling to a con can be expensive, but it’s sort of a double whammy when I’m also not able to spend that time drawing. So an offer to cover some or all of my travel costs really, REALLY helps. That is the surefire way to make a convention jump to the top of my priority list.

Now I’ll put on my “Co-founded one of the biggest science fiction conventions in the Midwest” hat: If there is an actor, writer, artist, creator or whatever whom you would like to see as a guest at your local convention, contact the convention and tell them! And have your friends do it too! Bonus points if you can actually provide the convention with contact information for the suggested guest! Remember, most conventions are being held for the local fans - for YOU. More often than not, they like being told what & whom you want to see. 

Oh, and the Spitfire print will be on my Etsy store after C2E2. :)

Chris Jones makes a great point: if you want me at your favorite convention, tell THEM that :-)

OMGOMG.  I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.  Perfect!!
Dove Real Beauty Sketches: #Balls

Happy 25th birtday, Game Boy! You made me dream in Tetris blocks.

WE HAVE AN IMDB PAGE!  A lot of the data is only available on IMDB Pro since we’re listed as “in development”, but you can go there and discuss the movie in the message boards, and maybe the cast and crew will chime in, too!

Happy Candy Goes On Sale Eve, everyone!! #americanholidays