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Actor/Writer living in Hollywood. Currently recurring as Inspector Spacetime on NBC's "Community."

Original Nerdfighter.
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My man and my girl watching the unaired Bobs Burgers pilot…

THIS number is actually important! The more we raise, the more appealing we are to investors and distributors, and the FASTER the movie gets made!

If you’ve been waiting to the last minute, THIS IS IT!

Our first $5,000 donation put us over our SECOND STRETCH GOAL!!!

Which means EVERY DONOR who gives at least $5 is going to get:
* The full-length “Untitled Radio Show…” download
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* Access to Carrie Keranen’s audition video!
* Your name on the website (don’t forget to tell us what it is!)
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WOW, that’s a lot of stuff for $5! And there’s MORE if you give more! What the heck are you waiting for, there’s less than 22 HOURS LEFT!!

FINAL DAY!! CAMPAIGN ENDS TOMORROW, and will be your last chance to get the the Season 1 DVD!

Not to mention if we get to $35,000, EVERY donor of $5 or more will get the Untitled Radio Show, which will be made using a FAN-WRITTEN script!!

BLOOD MOON!  The Inspector is on it. 

Hey stargazers! If you’re looking, that’s Mars up above and Saturn down to the left…

This is apparently a thing :-)
Inspector Spacetime tells you to HAIL HYDRA! #CaptainAmerica #HailHydra #Community #DoctorWho

Travis Richey ( via Steven Wong (

Only 2 days left to get your autographed Season 1 DVD!

I couldn’t decide whether to sign the front or the disc itself, so I did both :-)

Only $20 here:


Skates poses in the shop with newly-made Inspector Spacetime and Doctor Who Christmas ornaments.