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Actor/Writer living in Hollywood. Recently recurred as Inspector Spacetime on NBC's "Community" and Creepy Harold on "Pretty Little Liars".


Original Nerdfighter.

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First thing to see upon entering the convention hall. Life-size Smaug head. #nerdmecca

Totes reusable.

New SAG-AFTRA membership card in the mail. Guess which part made me giggle :-)

Back at #YoutubeSpaceLA shooting more funniness! Sample line: “Hitler pooped.” … Hilarity!!


It’s Boyish the Extraordinary!

Now at Redbubble

Whoa… Boyish the Extraordinary gets his own t-shirt!!!

Another fantastically magical evening at the world-famous #MagicCastle, thanks to my talented friend Jeb Whitlock!

This is brilliant, and gives me some renewed home for our democracy.

Matthew and I react to the news that Broke Straight Boys was making a reality show!

I think it’s ironic that there’s a #RedCross bloodmobile in the heart of West Hollywood, while they still have a ban on gay blood. :-/

I’m having almond butter and strawberry-rhubarb preserves on a rice cake. I’ve officially acclimated to LA.