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Actor/Writer living in Hollywood. Recently recurred as Inspector Spacetime on NBC's "Community" and Creepy Harold on "Pretty Little Liars".


Original Nerdfighter.

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Inspector Spacetime? ;)

I get it.


Where Inspector Spacetime lies on the Venn Diagram of Detective Shows, Space Opera, and Time Travel

It’s true. The Inspector is everything.

Well done, Sprint. For upgrading to the iPhone 6 (reluctantly), I got all this swag (that wireless speaker is $180 on Amazon!!), a $100 bill credit for trading in my old phone, I’m spending less per month than I was for unlimited EVERYTHING, and I get whatever new iPhone comes out in 2 years. Well done, indeed.

The most awkward room ever. #youtubespacela #cheapwaterpark #poorhandicappedguy

#DFTBA plates for CA at #YoutubeSpaceLA. Seems right :-)


The Venn Diagram of Detective Shows, Space Opera, and Time Travel


My article on the casting news for “Untitled Web Series” is now live.

I met a macaw at the beach! That’s also really fun to say :-) #metamacaw



What my friends think I do

What the authorities think I do

What my enemies think I do

What society thinks I do

What I think I do

What I actually do



Nicolas Brendon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) has signed on to the “Inspector Spacetime” movie, “The Inspector Chronicles.”


So excited!!