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Actor/Writer living in Hollywood. Recently recurred as Inspector Spacetime on NBC's "Community" and Creepy Harold on "Pretty Little Liars".


Original Nerdfighter.

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This is pure awesome, but I wonder what the short guy looked like BEFORE the celebrity-quality lighting?!?  

Oh, hello, fall of civilization. Didn’t expect to see you at the grocery store. :-/

This is an unholy freak of nature! Or just 2 bananas fused together. Still, pretty neat.

Haven’t seen it in a while, but got to the gym and thought of Josh Brolin from “Goonies”. Am I far off?

Just saw this comment on my youtube channel main page. I… what? #hurtsmybrain

Well, shit. Hello, robot overlords.

How is greyscale an accessibility thing? Interesting option, but still…


Inspector Spacetime? ;)

I get it.


Where Inspector Spacetime lies on the Venn Diagram of Detective Shows, Space Opera, and Time Travel

It’s true. The Inspector is everything.

Well done, Sprint. For upgrading to the iPhone 6 (reluctantly), I got all this swag (that wireless speaker is $180 on Amazon!!), a $100 bill credit for trading in my old phone, I’m spending less per month than I was for unlimited EVERYTHING, and I get whatever new iPhone comes out in 2 years. Well done, indeed.